Friday, January 15, 2010

Tomato Baked Beans Soup

When it comes to soup I always end up making a tomato soup. But this time a tried a recipe suggested by one of my friends. It is just a small variation of the tomato soup and I am glad to have tried it.
It is very easy and healthy. Here goes the recipe for "Tomato Baked Beans Soup".

This recipe serves 4 people.


400 ml can of baked beans.
8 medium tomatoes.
2 cup water.
½ tsp black pepper powder.
1 tbsp sugar.
½ tsp salt (or to taste).
½ tsp mustard seeds.
1 tbsp butter.
½ cup finely chopped bell pepper.


Boil the tomatoes in water and make a puree of it. Heat a pan and add butter. When heated add mustard seeds such that they crack right away. Add bell peppers and sauté for a minute. Then add the tomato puree and stir nicely. Add pepper powder, sugar, salt and mix. Heat for 5-10 minutes. Now, add the baked beans. Heat for 2 minutes. The soup is ready. Turn off the gas and take the pan off the gas. Transfer in a soup bowl. Serve hot.

This one goes for Usha's event Healthy Inspirations Event Soups

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  1. Such an interesting idea of adding baked beans to tomato soup, looks delicious ! Thanks for sharing your soup with the Healthy Inspirations Soup event.


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