Thursday, January 21, 2010


Kheer, I believe is one of the easiest dessert to make. I made it yesterday. So, I am just sharing it here. This one, I made for myself as my husband does not like "Kheer". I wonder why he doesnot like kheer when he likes all sweet. Anyways, he did taste it since I made it. But, no more. Anyways, this one is for all those who like kheer.

This recipe serves 6 people.


1 litre milk.
100 gms granulated sugar.
¼ cup basmati rice (60 gm).
A few strands of saffron.
Chopped almonds and pistachios for garnishing.
½ tbsp rose water (optional).
1 tsp cardamom powder.


Wash and rinse the rice and soak it for half an hour. Heat a pan and add milk. Keep the gas on medium. Save a tbsp of milk and add saffron strands to it. Keep aside. When the milk comes to boil (10-12 mins) add the rice. heat it till the rice is cooked. Keep on stirring gently so that milk does not stick on the bottom of the pan. the milk will reduce to almost half. It will take another 15 minutes. Now add the saffron soaked milk, cardamom powder and rose water. Heat for another 2 mins and take it off gas. Garnish it with chopped almonds and pistachios.
Serve it hot or chilled. It is lovely with puris and aalo ki subji. I am thinking of coming up with this recipe soon in my blog.


  1. Kheer is one of my favourite indian dessert:) would love to have some right away:)

  2. Thanks for being my follower,ur lovely comment has helped me to take a peek at ur blog...Wow u have an awesome blog,nice collection of recipes...

    Kheer is my husband's fav dessert,got to try ur recipe...

    Njoy blogging n Happy Cooking....

  3. Lovely Kheer. I like your Pineapple and cinnamon pancakes too, sounds yummy.

  4. wonderful click..n all time favorite kheer! Thanks for leaving sweet commment on my blog dear! it helped me discover ur lovely blog. Will surely be a regular visitor now! Happy blogging.

  5. Kheer looks delicious and so very tempting !

  6. Hi...stumbled upon ur blog..and i must say u have a nice place...lovely kheer..

    gourmet affair

  7. Nice and simple recipe. You have a nice space here Jyoti. Will keep coming here.
    Happy blogging :-)

  8. yum yum and delicious kheer very mouth can visit my blog and give ur comments.

  9. Lovely kheer...I could have it at any time :-)
    You have a wonderful space here...See you often Jyoti :-)

  10. Thanks Rachna, Ramya , Asha,Renuka, Usha, Arundhati, Deepa, Gulmohar and Kitchen Queen!
    Thanks for dropping such beautiful comments.
    Keep Visiting!



  11. Awesome looking kheer. An all time favourite of my family. Pic is good :):)



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