Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Event Announcement and C3 Soup

Winter is in full bloom here and with that there are a few dishes that are making way to our table more than at any other time of the year. 'Soups' for examples comes to my mind first. But there are lot many things that we cook mostly in winter that keeps us warm and going. So here I am with my first event here -'Winter Warmers', very apt for the season, I believe. I look forward to your contribution, be it a piping hot soup or a warm salad, a warm halva or a sizzling brownie. It can be even a hot cup of tea or coffee! The options are numerous and varied.. So, friends send in your delicious entries! Here are a few rules of the event, you would like to know:

1. Make something thats keeps you warms and going during cold wintery days.

2. It can be any course of the meal.

3. Recipe has to be strict vegetarian. No eggs allowed!

4. Multiple Entries are welcome. Old entries are allowed with new entries. That means if you are sending two new entries, you can send two of your old entries for the event.

5. Please send in your entries starting today, 15th Dec 2010 till on or before January 30th 2011. Roundup will be there by first week of February.

6. Bloggers can simply send your Name and URL of your recipe at (theveggiehut AT gmail DOT com) with the subject of "Winter Warmers" with the following details-

Recipe Name and Url:
Picture of the dish reduced to 300px:

Non bloggers can email me your name, recipe and picture at (theveggiehut AT gmail DOT com) with the subject of "Winter Warmers"

7. Link back to this announcement page is mandatory and I would really appreciate if you can include this logo in your posts.

Looking forward to your entries!

My very first entry to my very first event is this soup- C3 Soup. Well it is the actually, Carrot Coconut and Coriander Soup. It looks like a rather long name, so I call it C3 Soup. I had this soup here in a restraunt and needless to say I loved it. I am big on Tomato Soup but this one seemed to give a nice competition to my old all time favourite soup. I googled to find a suitable recipe and landed here. I have made some variation to it and here is my version.
Lets have alook at the ingredients:

4 large carrots.
1/4 cup chopped onions.
1/4 cup chopped coriander.
1/4 cup coconut milk( You may increase or decrease it by 2 tbsp)
2 cloves.
1 bay leaf.
Salt and pepper to taste.
2 tsp Sugar (Optional).


1. Wash and peel the carrots. Cut them into chunks. In a pressure cooker add the onions. cloves, bay   leaves and chopped carrots.

2. Add a cup of water. Pressure cook it on a medium till two whistles.

3. Let it cool down. Take out the cloves and bay leaf and discard. Churn it in a mixture till smooth and creamy with no lumps.

4. Heat a pan and add the mixture. Bring it to a boil and lower the gas.

5.  Add the chopped coriander leaves and coconut milk. Season with salt, pepper and sugar and stir. Let it simmer for 5 minutes. Serve hot with your choice of bread.
I love this soup a bit sweet but my husband likes othewise so I donot add the sugar in his part. You can make your choice.

Send in your 'Winter Warmer' recipes for my event and enjoy your winter. Cheers!


  1. Interesting and prefect event for this chilled weather..Soup looks absolutely yummy and divine..

  2. Soup looks creamy and refreshing. Cozy and lovely event for the winter.
    Lite Bite

  3. Great theme and happy hosting dear! Soup looks great and healthy....

  4. Hey,

    Love the rich and creamy soup...Lovely them..will send some entries...:)


  5. Just what the weather here calls for - Please pass the bowl, dearie :) Will try to send an entry after my return from India ...Happy Hosting

  6. Nice event..Happy hosting, will sure try to participate :)
    Soup sounds and looks superb!

    US Masala

  7. I am definitely participating and waiting for the roundup as well. I am soooo tempted by this soup that I am going to prepare it right away :)

  8. Healthy and creamy soup. Perfect for this weather.

  9. Nice event which suits the weather. Soup looks so creamy and inviting..

  10. nice theme ,soup looks comforting too

  11. Congrats on your first event:-) sure to send some.

  12. Jyoti, you have been tagged..plz. check the link

  13. Wonderful event!! i just made a soup yesterday..will send in!!

  14. Perfect for the serason Happy hosting.

  15. The soup looks and sounds amazing... must have for winter...
    Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and ur appreciation... :)

  16. Such a timely recipe..happy event hosting !

  17. Thats girls.. Looking forward to ur entries ;-)

  18. have sent u an entry... Happy hosting!!

  19. Hello Veggie Hut,
    What a wonderful idea. I am looking forward to submitting something wintry and veggie based. It is snowing in Scotland and i have been making so many comforting dishes for this weather.

  20. hey .. couldnt really participate ... but lovely soup :)

  21. could really use a bowl to beat this miserable weather! will try to get in something for the event.

  22. Yummylicious!!!! would love to have a bowl now!!! it soooo chill here and have a very bad bad cough!!! :(

  23. Nice event.will send my entries soon.

  24. Lovely event..hey jyoti I got one soup recipe..just posted few days ago would it be ok for yr event?...Tomatao and basil soup also there is a pakoda recipe too..let me know I can send it to you..

  25. nice event ... blogging and sending mine in today!

  26. sent in an entry check out the event in my site

  27. Hi Jyoti,
    I have sent in an entry to your winter warmers event.Could you please confirm about receiving it?Thanks.Rajani.

  28. Yup,Jyoti,got your mail,thank you very much,now I just cant wait for the roundups!

  29. Here is my entry:

    sending you an email now!

  30. Here is our entry about which we sent you an email:


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