Thursday, December 3, 2009

Delicious Gujia Vada

Gujia Vada:

Urid daal and moong daal dumpings stuffed with cashew and raisans served soaked in yogurt and garnished with a pinch spice powder and tamarind chutney.

This recipe serves 8 people.


150 gm washed moong dal.
150 gm washed urid dal.
500 gm yoghurt.
½ cup of split cashews and raisins.
1 tsp of grated ginger.
4 green chilies chopped finely.
Salt to taste.
Coriander leaves chopped finely.

Tamarind Chutney for garnishing:

Masala for garnishing:


1 tbsp roasted cumin powder.
1 tbsp white salt.
1 tbsp red chilli powder.


Soak both the dals for 2-3 hours.

Drain off all the water and churn it in a mixer grinder to a fine paste. The consistency of the paste must be thick. Mix the cashew, raisins, grated ginger, chopped coriander leaves and green chilli. Add salt as per taste.
Make small round vada and drop them in hot oil, fry them till they are light golden brown. Keep the vadas on tissue paper so that the excess oil is soaked out. Then transfer them in a bowl containing cold water.
Churn the yoghurt so that it is smooth and has no lumps in it.

For the masala, mix all the ingredients together.
Before serving the vadas, squeeze out excess water from the vada by placing it between the palms. Place the vadas in a bowl. Pour the yoghurt over it. Sprinkle the masala over it. Garnish it one tea spoon of tamarind chutney.


  1. First time here....nice space, I thought it's good to leave comment on first post as those r usually the lonely ones....nice vadas, my recipe for dahi wada is exactly same except cashews....but never heard the name gujia vada , we simply call it dahi vada...

  2. Agree with Spice. Got to leave a comment on the initial lonely posts. Love this gourmet version of dahi vada. Going to try it as soon as winter is over.

  3. Thanks Spice and Jaya! My first post is not deserted anymore!


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