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Palak Aaloo Paratha

Spinach is a nutrition superstar, even a fairly good source of iron. It's loaded with vitamins and minerals, some of which are hard to find in other foods. It is an excellent source of beta-carotene, a powerful disease-fighting antioxidant that's been shown, among other things, to reduce the risk of developing cataracts. It fights heart disease and cancer as well. Well these facts are just a few drops in an ocean. Check out a well documented article on the benefits of Spinach here.

Here is a recipe of parathas- 'Palak Aaloo Paratha' which has a fair amount of spinach. I am sending this to Healing Food- Event- Spinach: hosted by Divya started by Siri.
Also send it to EFM-Also sending it to EFM-Parathas and Gravies / Curries Series hosted by Srilekha of Me and my Kitchen.
This recipe makes 4 parathas.
For the dough:

1 cup wheat flour
½ tsp salt.
1 cup chopped spinach.
Water to knead the dough.

For the filling:

1 large potato boiled and mashed.
¼ cup finely chopped onion.
¼ cup of green peas.
1 chopped green chilli or as per taste.
½ tsp of grated ginger.
2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves.
3 tbsp oil.
1 tsp red chilli powder.
¼ tsp turmeric powder.
1 tsp mango powder (amchur)
1 tsp jeera.
1 tsp salt or as per taste.
Ghee for shallow frying.

Mix wheat flour, salt and spinach. Knead the dough using water as necessary. Let it sit for 15-20 mins before rolling.
For the filling, boil the potatoes and mash it nicely so that there are no lumps. Chop the onions finely. Heat a pan and add the oil. When the oil is ready, add the cumin seeds such that they crack right away. Add chopped green chilies and grated ginger. After a minute add the chopped onions and sauté till they are translucent. Add the green peas and stir. Add the mashed potatoes and chopped coriander leaves. Add all the spices and give it a good stir so that the spices are evenly mixed. Heat for another 2-3 minutes. Turn off the gas. Take the pan off the gas and let the mixture cool before using.

Now knead the dough well again and make 4 balls. Divide the filling into 4 parts. Using some dry flour roll it into a roti about 3cm in radius. Using a spoon place one part of filling in the middle. Join the edges and close it forming a ball. Roll it again about 6 cm in radius. Keep a heated tava ready. Cook the roti on tava, when one side is done turn it over and heat on the other side. Brush ghee in the top side and turn it over again. Brush ghee on the other side as well. Apply pressure with a big spoon while heating. Do the same with all the balls. Place the parathas on a paper towel separately so that excess ghee is soaked out.
Serve hot with yoghurt. It even goes well with ketchup and a hot cup of tea.


  1. I love this .I am hungry now.Looks yummy!

  2. Lovely parathas....combo of aloo & spinach. Though I use them seperately for parathas, never tried the combo...Thanks for sharing :).

  3. Aloo palak paratha looks too marvellous...yummm!!

  4. Thanks Padhu, Latha, Priya for the encouraging comments!

    @ Latha

    Do try it..I am sure u will like it. This version has taken regular aaloo parathas to a back seat in my house hold.:)

  5. Healthy and yummy paratha, love the addition of peas in this reciepe, yum....

  6. Perfect entry 4 the event!Healthy&delicious combo.yummmmyyy

  7. Nice way to combine both these lovely veggies...looks very healthy and perfect with curds.

  8. Hey Jyoti
    just send me all the parathas here..drooling here and hungry..love them!!

  9. Hey Jyoti,

    Palak aloo parathas are so healthy and delicious:)

  10. Love this combo... healthy and delicious.

  11. Thanks a ton Padma, Vrinda, Malar, Sushma, Preeti, Soma, Jagruti and Rachana for the lovely comments

  12. Jyoti, I have to try it as I too have never tried this combination but have tried them separately.

  13. Nice and Healthy Parathas.. You just reminded me to try out this preparation very soon..


  14. yummy combo...love the paratha color...

  15. yumm..can you believe, I made this yesterday for our dinner, because my family doesn't like the paalak alone :D

  16. Thanks Swapna, Priya n Gulmohar..

    @ Gulmohar

    Same here, we also donot like palak alone!

  17. wow i love aloo paratha n with spiunach n green peas thy vl taste yummm....awesome recipe n tempting pics

  18. Good combo. I never tried adding peas to the filling. Will try next time. Clicks are good.

  19. Very nice preparation J, wholesome and nutritious.

  20. Parathas look so perfect and tasty...healthy ones :)


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