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Chola Bhatura

Chola Bhatura,this is another dish which is a hit in my house. It is a North Indian dish, but it is popular all over India. I remember, the bhaturas served in Indian restraunts are huge in size, it is well puffed up and one could prick the finger to make a whole in the belly of the bhatura. Well, I dont have the expertise to make such a large bhatura, nor do I have the resources (my frying pan is small) but the ones I make also tastes good.
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Here is the recipe for the chole subji first:


200 gm chick peas.
2 large potato boiled.
1 large onion.
4 tomatoes.
2 green chili chopped finely.
1 tsp grated ginger.
3 tbsp oil.
1 tsp cumin seeds.
1 tsp red chilli powder.
1 tsp turmeric powder.
1 tsp garam masala.
1 tsp chola masala.
2 tsp coriander powder.
2 tsp salt or to taste.
2 tbsp tamarind paste.
2 tbsp ketchup.
A handful of coriander leaves chopped finely for garnishing.
2 tbsp lemon juice.


Soak the chick peas for 8 hours or overnight. They will increase to twice their volume. Cook them in pressure cooker. Add 2 cups of water, ¼ tsp of turmeric powder and ½ tsp of salt and pressure cook for 2-3 whistles. The chickpeas must be nice tender but not mushy. Boil the tomatoes in a cup of water and make a puree of it. Boil onion and make a paste. Chop the boiled potato in small chunks. Heat a heavy bottom pan. Add oil and when heated add cumin seeds such that they crack right away. Add the chopped chilies and grated ginger. Sauté it for a few seconds. Add the onion paste and sauté till it is light golden in colour. Add the tomato puree and cook for 2 minutes. Add all the spices. Stir for a minute. Add the boiled chickpeas and potato. Mix well. If the consistency of the gravy is too thick add ½ cup of water and cook for 2-3 minutes. When it is cooked add the tamarind paste and ketchup. Stir well. Heat for another 2 minutes and take it off the gas. Transfer in a serving bowl and garnish it with chopped coriander leaves and lemon juice.

Chole ki subji goes very well with 'Bhatura'.

For the bhaturas you will need.
200 gm AP flour.
½ tsp salt.
1 tsp sugar.
½ tsp baking soda.
1/3 cup yoghurt.
Oil for frying.


Knead the dough using the ingredients. The dough should be like those made for puris. Let it sit for 2 hours before making bhaturas. Knead well again and make 8-10 balls, according to the size of bhaturas you want. Roll on the balls into the size of bhatura you like and fry them in oil at medium high. While frying press them with the stariner. It will help it to puff up.

Serve the chola subji hot with warm bhaturas.



  1. I know! Baturas are so huge in Indian restaurants. Love them. They carry it a huge plate with a tiny bowl of Chole on the side! :D

    Looks mouthwatering combo meal. Got to fry some soon, I have been controlling my urge to deep fry this Winter, very hard!

  2. Nice delicious combo. Love to have this any time.

  3. My childhood favorite!!!Dont tempt me...I feel like making this right now:)))

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh Jyoti..just send me a plate dear,well not plate the whole pan..;)) you made my family's one of the most favourite combo dish...even my daughters british friends likes to eat this dish..just simply the best..

  5. I love chola batura....its a deadly combination! More than the dishes i'm attracted towards the ambience in that pic!!

  6. This is one of my familys favorite too.Lovely presentation.

  7. I love chola bhaturas... planning to make some tomorrow itself!

  8. One of the best combo in the world

  9. Another fabulous entry for My Legume Love Affair, thank you. And I love the candlelit photo!

  10. I too love this combo...looks so good! cute presentation :)

  11. Lovely presentation and the combo looks so yummy....

  12. Love your dishes dear...the chole and the batura look lovely here...heehee...so yu had a candlelight dinner!

  13. such a great and most loved veggie..too good.love the presentation too..

  14. great entry for the event..my all time fav combo

  15. lovely combo..just love this one and your verion looks so tempting and yummy

  16. @ Asha,

    Thanks, Yes, indeed..the bhaturas are accompanied with a small bowl of chole subji.. mine would always be finished by the time i ate half of the bhatura..

    @ Preeti, Meena, Padma..
    Thanks for the lovely comments..Its a favorite with most people.. havent met anyone who will say no to chola bhatura..:)

    @ Jagruti,
    Thanks.. Glad to know that non-Indians ALSO like it..


    Aruna, Simply.Food

    @ Rachana,

    Thanks, Do post how you make it..

    Thanks Vrinda, Swapna

    Thanks Rachel for hosting such a nice event.. I m glad to be a part of it..

    Thanks, Gita, sushma, notyet100,Preety, T&T,Deepa for the lovely comments..

    @ Supriya,


    Yes, we had a candle lit dinner.;-).. Actually I made them quite late and by that time the natural light is dim for a nic a pic.. and It would have been over by morning.. So, decided to take the pic by the candles..

  17. Wow looks so tempting..and the presetation is so inviting...:)

  18. One among the best combos...just love it. Lovely presentation.

  19. This is like "Made for each other" combo! so delicious! nice pics too..

  20. Perfect for a candle light dinner :-)

  21. yummy combo, dear..looks so tempting..i just love this!

  22. Thanks Priya, Gulmohar, Renuka,Sarah, Latha, Jyoti and Guntur for the lovely comments!!


  23. These are simply the perfect combo one can think of love the way the baturas have turned out and chole makes me drool!!!!


  24. wow!My all time fav dear xllnt pic too!

  25. Thanks Sangi and Ramya!


  26. wow jyoti i love this combo...looks very temtping...nice recipe...u hv presentated it well, nice one

  27. lovely....every weekend morning, when we get up late in thr mor. I'll complain to my husband what's the use of living in USA there's no choole bhatura shop nearby for breakfast...LOL...I love them specailly for breakfast...

  28. Thanks Siddhi and Spice..

    @ Spice,

    There are many things we miss living abroad.. Indian Food on order is one! Thats why whenever, I visit India I make sure that I have all my Fav like Chat, puchka etc etc.. so that for sometime i donot get the cravings..LOL..:)

  29. Excellent choice!! Love the bhaturas.

  30. Great recipe. Good to have a recipe for the bhaturas. Not sure how they differ from puris, though.


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