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Valentine Day Special Eggless Chocolate Gateau and Some Awards!

February has been a very lucky month for my blog. I have been showered with lovely awards from my fellow bloggers. I am very glad and thank ful to them. Thanks a ton for remembering me and encouraging me through these awards. It means a lot to me.
Priya on acheiving the milestone of 200th post passed an award to her fellow bloggers. Thanks a lot Priya for making my  day.                                 
Nithu also shared this award and another award with me.
Thanks Nithu for these lovely awards.

Renuka has shared a bunch of awards with me. Thanks a lot for your kind gesture.

I would like to share these with all my blogger friends! Please accept them.

Coming back to the recipe I am sharing here. It is the cake I made this Valentine's day!

'Chocolate' is a word that brings a plethora of feelings, tastes and pleasures. A peice of chocolate that lands on our tongues, melts slowly into a rich and creamy taste and soothes and tantalize our tastebuds. Me and my husband, both are chocolate lovers. A peice of chocolate is a must after every meal. It is a stuff of mood lifting happiness. But when it comes to cake he always wishes to have a plain vanilla cake with cream icing and cherries. After having made it for several occassions now and most recently on new year, I wanted to make a chocolate cake. Gladly, my husband agreed and I made this cake.
Eggless Chocolate Gateau:

2/3 cup AP flour.
½ cup condensed milk.
¼ cup margarine.
1 tbsp chocolate powder.
2 tbsp cocoa powder.
½ tsp baking powder.
½ tsp baking soda.
¼ cup milk.
¼ cup aerated drink.
½ tsp vanilla essence.

This measurement is for one sandwich cake.We need two sandwich cakes for this gateau so just twice this measurement.

A little extra margarine and flour for greasing and dusting the pan.


250 ml fresh cream.
1 tbsp cocoa powder.
½ cup icing sugar.
10-12 glazed cherries cut in halves.

Sugar syrup:

1 tbsp sugar.
2-3 tbsp water.


Preheat the oven at 180 C for 15 minutes. Grease a sandwich tin and dust it with flour. In a mixing bowl, add all the dry ingredients together and mix. Sieve it so that the mixture in uniform and there are no lumps in it.
In another bowl add the melted margarine and beat in the condensed milk. Stir well for two minutes. Add the vanilla essence and milk and beat nicely for 2 minutes till everything is evenly mixed. Now add the liquid mixture to the dry mixture, slowly and keep rotating to form a batter. Add the aerated drink and mix for another couple of minutes. Pour it in a pre greased tin and bake it in the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes at 180 C till nicely raised and a skewer pricked in the middle of the cake comes out clean.
                                                   Fresh from oven

We will need 2 sandwich cakes. Make the other sandwich cake in the same way.
Whip 125 ml of fresh cream with ¼ cup of sugar. Keep it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. In a small bowl make sugar syrup by mixing the sugar and water. The sugar should dissolve completely in the water.
Heat a pan and add fresh cream. Keep the heat on low and let the cream melt. Add the cocoa powder and mix well. Remove it from heat and let it cool down a bit. Now add ¼ cup of sugar and beat well. Sugar will help it to thicken. Keep aside and cool it completely. Refrigerate it for 30 minutes before using.
The cake must be completely cooled down before using it or else the icing will melt and start running.
Place one sandwich cake on a flat plate. Brush it nicely with the sugar syrup. It will help the cake to remain moist. Spread the whipped cream over it evenly. Place the other sandwich cake over the cream layer. Spread the cocoa icing over it evenly. Decorate with glazed cherries.
I used ready to use tubes to write over the cake. It was very thick and I could only manage to write a few words.

                                                  But this lack of decoration this year was covered by the lovely taste. My husband loved it. I also served it later hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

[ Microwave a slice of cake for 30 secs and top it with a scoop of vanilla icecream, chocolate sauce and glazed cherries].

Hope all of you guys had a wonderful Valentine Day! Enjoy!!


  1. YUM! Cake looks so good, both of them. Glad you enjoyed V day! :)

    Enjoy all the awards, hugs to you.

  2. wow thats a very beautiful cake,am sure u must have had a great valentines day...

  3. I love the chocolate gateau! So So very yumm and that too eggless? bookmarking it!

  4. beautiful cakes..looks yummy..
    congrats on all the awards...

  5. Cake looks yum!!! congrats on your awards!!

  6. Cake looks delicious and made with love.

  7. Thanks Preeti, Jagruti, swapna, sushma, asha and for you loving comments..


  8. Jyoti,Hi!!!

    That is one memory - maker of a choc. cake...hard to forget something so scrumptious!!!

    You are an accomplished baker for being to get such a delightful cake ...without any eggs!!!

  9. So lovely and yummy cake...congrats for the awards, Jyoti....

  10. Hi
    Delicious Looking Cake. would try it soon. Congrats for all your awards.


  11. cake looks so the writing on both the cakes..

  12. ThanKS Deepa, T&T, Deepa and Meena for the lovely comments.

    @ Meena,

    Thats the biggest compliment I have recieved. Accomplished Baker' OMG- Main phule nahin sama rahi:-) Thanks a lot!

  13. Congratulations on all awards dear! n cake looks so tempting! very yummy..soft and delicious.

  14. Congrats on ur awards, coming to the cake, u have prepared them beautiful and looks liks a professional baker...great works Jyoti..

  15. Cake looks lovely. Perfect for the day and congrats on all your awards Jyoti.

  16. Gorgeous cake..congrats on your awards Jyoti !

  17. Congrats on awards.....cake looks extremely delectable....

  18. Thanks Lubna, Gulmohar, Padma, Renuka & Priya for the loving and encouraging remarks...
    @ Priya, Professional Baker..Thats too much for me..I am on cloud 9!! Thanks a ton!

  19. to grab tht from screen, dear...looks truly professional...very nice clicks!

  20. awards waiting for u in my blog,,,plz accept them...

  21. thanks a lot sara and priya!

    Thanks a ton for sharing the awrds with me..will update soon..

  22. Thanx for visiting my blog,cake looks perfect and yummm.Regarding mousse,i used frozen strawberries,so i didn't chop..if u chop it,it wiill definitely be easier to break and cook fast..Thanx again..

  23. Congratulations on your awards!How exciting for you!I love the cake, I love anything chocolate.Its making me crave.

  24. Hi Jyothi...thanks for the lovely comment! You have a wonderful blog, I loved reading all your posts :) The cake looks so fabulous and decadent...lovely icing.

  25. Tnx a lot 4 visiting my blog Jyothi
    u too have a nice space here!
    Congrats on ur awards n cake luks fabulous!!!

  26. wow jyoti cake looks very tempting, loved the eggless recipe...superb cake

  27. Yummy cake, mouthwatering!!! Congrats on your awards dear!!!

  28. Thanks Ramya, Siddhi,Sangi,Gita, Susvaad and Vrinda!

    Thanks for coming here to answer my query!



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