Friday, February 12, 2010

Awards and Honey Bee!

Award time again!!
I am on cloud nine... Devi has bestowed me with 2 awards. Thanks Devi for sharing them with me. They mean a lot to me.

Rules for accepting this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Pass it on to your blogger friends.

I would like to share them with Supriya, Priya, Nupur,, Meena, Sushma, Swapna and Palatable. Please accept these awards.
Now coming to the recipe I am sharing today. Looking at the title have you thought, I will be writing about honey bees?
Then you have got it all wrong.. The other day, I chanced upon a book in the library, 'Juices and Smoothies Galore' by Susan Blake. The lovely cover caught my attention and when I fliped the pages, I loved it. I got it issued from the librarian and brought it home. I tried this recipe from the book. Only, I increased the quantity of icecream and honey to twice the quantity mentioned there as I have a sweet tooth and I have a weakness for icecreams!
This silky smooth drink is very satisfying and perfect for mid afternoon energy slump- the combination of bananas, honey and ice cream will perk you in no time. Honey is used here for sweetness, but it can be substituted with sugar in desired quantity. But then the name of this drink would change!

Here is the recipe for "Honey Bee".

Makes 2 tall glasses:


1 medium banana.
400 ml milk.
3 tbsp honey.
1 scoop vanilla ice cream.


Peel the bananas and chop them. Put them in a food blender with 150 ml milk and blend until smooth. Now, add the remaining milk with honey and ice cream and blend again. Pour into 2 glasses and serve immediately.

Updated 9th of March:


  1. Congraz jyoti, and thanks a lot for sharing it with me,thats very sweet & thoughtful of you...

  2. Congarts on Awards dear..
    Nice smoothie..

  3. Hey Congrats on your awards...smoothie looks perfect..

  4. Honey Bee looks like Honey comb, good one. Enjoy all the awards and have a great V day!:)

  5. Congrats on your awards dear! Honey Bee looks good:)

  6. Jyoti, Thanks a million for the award!!! I totally appreciate it.

    Congrats on the beautiful awards you have here!!!

    Keep posting all those interesting them!!!

  7. Congratulations on all d awards Dear!! Gr8 going..i loved this name Honey bee! simple n delicious recipe!!

  8. Congrats for the awards, dear and very kind of you in sharing these with me....this is healthy drink indeed....

  9. Congrats on awards,,,Thanks for sharing it with me...and yummy honey be..

  10. hey jyoti congrats for ur awards...this drink looks very tempting...nice n simple recipe

  11. The name itself drew me here like a bee to the honey. Tasty shake with honey.

  12. Thank you for the sweet award.

  13. hi dear,

    There is an award waiting for u in my blog. Please accept it!!

  14. Thanks Everyone for the lovely comments!

    @ Priya

    Thanks a ton for the lovely award!

  15. Dear, please do collect your awards from my blog..

  16. Congrats on those awards, enjoy my friend:)

  17. Congrats on your awards and the smoothie looks very comforting and froathy!!!

  18. Please collect awards from my blog Dearie!!

  19. the name of this drink :-)

  20. Thanks Malar, Gulmohar and Ramya for your lovely comments.

    @Renuka and Nithu...

    Thanks a ton for the awards. This gesture is very much appreciated.



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