Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Coolers - Tropical Breeze and Grapes Slush

As said in my last post, I am here with 2 summer coolers recipes - Tropical Breeze and Grapes Slush. I had jotted these recipes form the book I mentioned here, before returning it to the library. They are very easy to make, nutritious and tasty too! Without much ado lets come to the recipes..

Tropical Breeze:

Fragrant mango, zingy pineapple, tangy orange and zesty lime combine to give you an enlivening tropical juice boost. Packed with vitamins and phytochemicals its perfect for breakfast or any time later when just need something to boost your energy levels!
You will need:

4 cm slice of pineapple, about 350 gm
½ ripe mango.
1 orange.
1 tsp lime juice.
Ice cubes.

Makes 1 glass:


Cut the skin off the pineapple, remove the central core and roughly chop the flesh.
Using a small, sharp knife, remove the peel from the mango, then slice the flesh away from the stone and roughly chop.
Press mango through the juicer, followed by the orange wedges and pineapple and then stir in the lime juice.
Pour into a glass a serve with ice cubes immediately.
Grapes Slush:

Grapes are naturally so sweet that you do not need to add any sugar to it. Still, if you want more sweetness add sugar accordingly. The colour is so vibrant that it will tempt you to taste it immediately for sure!

Makes 2 glasses:

600 gm black grapes.
1 tsp lime juice


Juice the grapes in a juicer. Add lemon juice and pour the mixture into a large, freezer proof container, making sure it is no more than 2.5 cm deep. Cover and freeze for about 2 hrs until the mixture freezes round the edges of the container.
Break up the mixture with a fork, mashing it into the liquid and freeze for a further 2 hours. Continue to break up the ice with fork every 30 minutes until the mixture is slushy.
Spoon into 2 glasses and serve immediately.

Don't let it stay too long or it will melt. Enjoy!!


  1. Wow J, can you I take both to go? Delicious and thirst quenching coolers :)

  2. coooooooooool coolants...simply awesome..bful color....

  3. Perfect summer coolers. Awesome clicks which leaves me craving for some now :):)

  4. Woww fabulous summer coolers, grapes slash looks awesome..

  5. Wow so cooling drinks for summer.

  6. Such refreshing and delicious summer coolers. I would love to have grapes slush!!!

  7. First time here,You have quite a collection of recipes,this mango drinks is yummy!!

  8. useful post...luv both esp. tropical breeze...tnx 4 shrng

  9. Very tempting send it for kid's delight..

  10. This s very refreshing,I made something similar with strawberries at the weekend.Nice clicks.


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