Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home Remedy -Banana Face Mask/Pack

If you have a over ripe banana and you are wondering what to do with it, here is a solution- Banana Face Mask/Pack.
The best thing about home made mask is: most of the things we have at home and all the ingredients are natural. In short, Sasta, Sulabh and Tikau! :)
Banana face masks moisturize dry skin and leave it softer with hydrating action. It helps in exfloiting the skin by removing the dead skin. This masks help hydrate oily skin as well, thus combating acne and shielding the skin from loss of moisture.
The flesh of banana has anti-oxidant prpperties which soothes the skin. It provides relief to sunburnt skin and is also helpful in antio aging.
I bet, next time you won't think of throwing off an over ripe banana. With regular use (2-3 times a week) you will see visible changes in you skin. It is particularly great for lack lustre and dehydrated skin.
You will need:
1/2 over ripe banana.
1 heap tbsp rolled oats.
1 tsp milk.
A dash of rose water.

Put the flesh of a banana into a bowl and mash to a smooth paste. Stir in the other ingredients. Apply on the neck and face and leave for 15- 20 minutes. Wash off with luke warm water slowly rolling your fingers over the skin. Rolled oats with give a scrubbing action and help in removing dead skin.

Sending this off to Home Remedy Series III guest hosted by Jagruti. This series is the brain child of Sadhana and Muskaan of A2Zvegetarian Cuisine


  1. Very useful home remedy jyoti, thanks for sharing...

  2. Nice remedy for dry skins,will giv a try,thanx for sharing...

  3. Hi! Nice face pack, I must try this on my skin.

  4. A very helpful home-remedy, J :)I will definitely use it :)

  5. Cool facepack for soothing the skin,nice idea to use ripen bananas dear.

  6. Wow J, this is super yummy and healthy for face skin :)

  7. i m glowing dear with ur face pack..i didnt had oars though..i made with banana,almonds and yoghurt and rose water...thanks for sharing

  8. hehehe..;-)) like it J sasta, sulabh and tikau !! I'll buy dozen and will let them ripe..;-))..thanks for sharing this awesome DD got very dry skin, will give a try.thanks for sending...

  9. thanks dear for visiting 'tasty appetite' and for your lovely feedback...

    A skin nourishing face pack...sounds like a must try one.

  10. Nice face pack Jay...looks easy to prepare too...thanks for sharing this :)

  11. Interesting I didnt know you can use bananas for face pack.Very useful.


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