Friday, February 11, 2011

Round Up Lets Celebrate Sweets - Chocolate

Fianlly I am here with the round -up of Lets Celebarte Sweets-Chocolate. I am really grateful to Nivedita for giving me the opportunity to host this event.. Without much delay I would like to present the chocolate-y round up. Hope you enjoy these visual treats.

I have summed up the entries in the order I received them, with my own entries at the end of the post. If by any chance I have missed any entry do let me know, I will include it.

Here comes the round up!

Rachana sends in her Chocolate Yoghurt

Nivedita sends in her Marie Biscuit Chocolate Balls

Kamalika sends in her Truffle Shuffle

Radhika sends in her Chocolate Halwa

Priya sendsin her Dark Chocolate Poha Pudding

Nivedita sends 2 more entries Chocolate Halwa and Chocolate Kheer

Santosh sends in her Chocolate Cream Pudding

Vatsala sends in her Chocolate Cups.

Neetu sends in her Chocolate Fruit Sandwich.

My entries:

Cheers! Have a nice weekend!


  1. A delicious chocolatey roundup. I loved it.

  2. YUmm, thats an excellent roundup..

  3. Nice round up!

  4. Wow,
    Congrats for this wonderful roundup.

  5. Nice to see lots of chocolate-y at a place. Nice round up.

  6. ok, I was sooooooooooooo waiting for this roundup as I am chocoholic and this doesn't get better than this :)

  7. OMG! I am just drooling here. Such a great roundup.

  8. wow what a beautiful roundup... bookmarked for future reference...

  9. Its great..and fast event...nice..keep it up.

  10. I never tried it.. but am really tempted to after seeing it being substituted for so many indian dishes..this one sounds so good..
    Indian Recipe Book

  11. wonderful round up..


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