Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lets Celebrate Sweets - Chocolate! An Event Announcement

Lets Celebrate - Sweets is a series of event started by Nivedita. I am very delighted to announce this event at The Veggie Hut for the period of 7th Jan- 7th Feb 2011. Thank you Nivedita for giving me this opportunity.

The theme for the event this time is - Chocolate! What I am looking for is not Cakes and Cookies! I want you to go beyond that.. You can try home made chocolates, trifles, pudding, truffles etc. You can see one here. Play with some classic recipes and come up with Chocolate Sandesh or Chocolate Peda. The possibilities are numerous and varied..

The rules are simple:
  • Starting today till the 7th of Feb 2011 make anything sweet with the star ingredients- Chocolate.

  • The dish you be vegetarian. No eggs allowed please.

  • You have to link back to this event annoucement page and also to Nivedita's event announcement page.

  • Older entries are accepted if reposted and updated with the link to the event announcement.

  • Mail me the entries at with the subject- Lets Celebrate Sweets- Chocolate.

  • Use of logo is appreciated.

Looking forward to you chocolate-y entries! Cheers! Enjoy!


  1. Happy hosting, will send my entries..

  2. Cool!!! Sending my entries soon...Is cocoa powder allowed as main ingredient?

  3. Chocolate...hmmm... will try and send something :-)

  4. Nice event .Will try to participate
    Happy New Year

  5. Happy Hosting . Count me in as well.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Happy Hosting n nice event too... i just posted brownies on my blog 4 days ago.. can i send tht?

  7. HI
    thanks for hosting the event dear.
    I must admit thatits a lovely, and very tempting logo.
    All the best.
    Will send my entries soon.

  8. Thanks for your response... they are brownies not cakes or cookies but i'll think of something else to post...


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