Friday, January 14, 2011

Nutty Home Made Chocolate With Coconut Coating!

Before starting off with today's recipe, I want to share an undesirable incident that has happened with me, with you guys. Recently, I got a comment on my Eggless Black Forest Cake by 'Washpota'(I cannot access the profile) saying that he/she has seen the exact recipe on Manorama Online and even quoted the links which are this and this. The site is in a language I don't know and I am taken aback by the fact that someone( M Vaheeda Rahaman) copied my content word for word and even the picture. Can anyone guide me how can I contact Manorama Online. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Now lets check what I have today to share with you all!

I came across this recipe at Nithya's Blog and tried them immediately. They were finished so soon that I did not even get the chance to photo shoot them.. :-)! So, I decided to make them again for the event 'Lets Celebrate Sweets- Chocolate' hosted here. This event series is the brain child of Nivedita.

Also to remind you, another event 'Winter Warmers' is being hosted here till 30th Jan 2011. So, rush in you entries!

Now coming back to the recipe, it is very simple and doesnot call for any fancy ingredients. I have used half of the measurement given by Nithya and got 15 balls. Only addition I did was to add the nuts and coat them in dessicated coconut. Lets give it a look!


2 tbsp cocoa powder.
100 gm milk powder.
1/2 cup sugar.
1/4 cup water.
2 tbsp butter.
1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts.
1/4 tsp vanilla Essence.
Dessicated coconut to coat.


1. In a saucepan heat water and add sugar. Boil it till it reaches 1 string consistency.

2. Remove from heat and add butter.

3. Once it melts add the other ingredients and mix well to form a sticky dough.

4. Let it cool for sometime. Then with greased hands roll them into small balls.

5. Roll them into dessicated coconut and place them in a small tray.

6. Refrigerate for a while it gets firmer. They are ready to eat.

Here is one for you!

Enjoy! Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Tasty and yummy balls! Love your presentation too..

  2. Looks awesome...And btw will let u know of any contact details i get of Manorama online..

  3. Looks super delicious...Happy Pongal

  4. Looks quite easy to make. Delicious and cute chocolates.

    Lite Bite

  5. Oh, delicious and adorable! They remind me of Lamingtons.

  6. Feel like munching some rite now,soo tempting and yummy..

  7. delicious love the indian touch which I always follow.

  8. I am absolutely new to the food- blog world and have very recently created my own :)

    I am so sorry to hear about your recipe being used by someone else .. wonder how do you keep track of all these .. scary !!

    I am definite going to try this recipe of yours .. it looks amazingly yummy :)

  9. First time here,just love your content and presentation.Could you share some tips with me on food photography?My email id is rajanivaidya.s at gmail dot com.
    I have sent an entry to your winter warmers event.I need to know how to link back to announcement page,can you help me?

  10. These chocolate looks yumm and I would love to gobble up a few :-)

    Wish you luck and hoping that you'll be able to find out something about manorma online. Will get in touch with you, if I found something abt this.

  11. Wow...that is so inviting...too good

  12. Looks chocolatey... Gotcha try this...

  13. Looks delicious.
    There are a lot of incidents liek these and I remember reading about plagiarism from blogs; the estb news channels and organizations seem to be the worst ones!
    I can't remember which bloggers but Nags, Edible Garden had some tips. Will let you know.
    The address of their HQ:Manorama Junction, SH 13
    Kottayam, Kerala 686001, India
    0481 2561735

    Here is the link to Manorama Online contact details:
    I would update the progress on my communication with them in my blog and share with my readers too.


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