Monday, July 26, 2010

Green Chutney

I can't do without two basics chutneys in my kitchen.One is tamarind chutney and the other one is green chutney. Making green chutney is one of the basic thing I learnt when I entered into the cooking world. Back in India my mom still makes it with Sil Patta, two stones rubbing each other to make the paste. This recipe has all the ingredients my Mom's uses but I make it in a grinder to ease off the process. Think of Chaat, Pakoda or simply Dal Bhaat, it is a must everytime.

2 cup chopped coriander leaves.
1 cup chopped mint leaves.
2 green chillies.
1 tsp cumin seeds.
2 inch ginger piece. Peeled
Salt to taste.
Lemon juice as needed.

Add all the ingredients in a grinder and make a paste. Sometimes I also add a peice of coconut or in mango season raw mango. Add water as little as possible. Add lemon juice to taste just before serving.
The best thing about it is that it can be stored for about 2 weeks or more in freezer without adding the lemon juice. I store it in my ice cube tray and use cubes of chutney whenever required. Generally, I microwave two cubes of chutney on medium high for 30 seconds and its ready to use.

Sending this off to Jaya's Event: Back to Basics.


  1. This is my favorite chutney too. I can pretty much have this as a side dish for everything.

  2. looks to hv with some vadas and all time fav chutney

  3. Lovely and tempting green chutney...

  4. Fabulous chutney, looks great...

  5. Looks so tempting!perfect with idlis

  6. Green chutney looks wondererfully delicious.Nice vibrant colour.

  7. even I love to have green chutney in my everyday mom would also make this with what you mentioned sil batta..

  8. This so handy and esential chutney for chats and all...I to love this...

  9. Really these two kind of chutney are so handy in kitchen. Lovely color...looks great
    Hamaree Rasoi


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